I am professor of moral philosophy at the Sorbonne (Université Panthéon Sorbonne) and a senior research fellow at the Institut universitaire de France. I have taught also at the University of Paris-Nanterre, Blaise Pascal University,  and the University of Neuchâtel. [CV here]

I have been working mainly in moral philosophy and in the history of eighteenth-century Anglophone philosophy, with a particular interest in the 'British moralists' and the Scottish philosophers who followed in their footsteps. I try to revive the conversation between the sentimentalists and the rationalists. My book on the standard of taste and the status of aesthetic values before and after Hume, La couleur du goût, was published in December 2019.

My current focus is on reactive practices such as blame or forgiveness, and on the relationship between evaluative judgments (moral or aesthetic) and reasons. 

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Laurent Jaffro — jaffro@univ-paris1.fr